Information System Audit ( IS Audit ) and related services

We are living in the ‘information age’ and ‘information’ being the most valuable asset in today’s era, it is utmost important to safeguard the information.

All the businesses are moving on the internet and so is the information but not all businesses have the proper controls over safeguarding the business information, business information system and processes.

Information System Audit / Information Technology Audit

  • Audit of General IT controls of an organisation
  • Audit of IT application controls
  • Application Audit
  • Audit of Business Process dependent on IT
  • E-commerce Application Audit
  • Mobile Application Audit

System Acquisition and System Development

  • Functional consulting in system development
  • Audit of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Audit of Input, Processing and Output controls in newly acquired or developed system
  • Functional Testing of the newly acquired or developed system
  • System migration audit
  • Consultancy in ERP development, customization and ERP implementation
  • ERP application audit (in terms of data and process integrity)

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) / Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)

We offer our services in terms of

  • Identification of vulnerabilities, risks and likelihood of the risk in the existing IT set up and processes
  • Identifying and defining the controls at various stages or the organisation to mitigate the risk
  • Consulting in preparing robust BCP and DRP
  • Audit of BCP and DRP