Clarification regarding Reverse Charge GST

Clarification regarding Reverse Charge GST

Category : GST

As per the rules, any registered supplier purchasing goods or services from an unregistered supplier has to pay Reverse Charge GST

We have never bothered to look into the expenses side of the profit and loss account with respect to earlier taxes.

The time has come to make sure, all your payments above Rs. 5000 per day, are paid with GST.

In other words, if you are dealing with unregistered suppliers and making payments above Rs. 5000, you have to pay GST under reverse charge mechanism (RCM).

Exceptions of RCM
Salary and wages
Car fuel
Government Fees

General Inclusions:
Commission payments
Printing and stationery
Repairs and Maintenance
Office Maintenance
Vehicle maintenance
Computer maintenance
Legal Fees
Consultancy Fees
Professional Fees
Audit Fees
Labour charges
Frieght and transportation expenses
Gift expenses
Business promotion expenses
Advertisement, etc